Erosion Control
Erosion Control

    Pimentel et al say:

    Soil erosion is a major environmental threat to the sustainability and productive capacity of agriculture. During the last 40 years, nearly one-third of the worlds arable land has been lost by erosion and continues to be lost at a rate of more than 10 million hectares per year. With the addition of a quarter of a million people each day, the world population's food demand is increasing at a time when per capita food productivity is beginning to decline.
    excerpts from Science Magazine Vol. 267, February 1995

     ACF Environmental has assembled the most complete line of geosynthetic products available to the construction industry throughout the U.S. ACF always has and will continue to provide innovative products that meet the challenges of the new millennium. Products that protect our environment, improve our roads, facilitate construction projects and make the world a better place to live.
     Welcome to the web site of A.S.P. Enterprises , the Midwest's full-line distributor of erosion- control, geosynthetic and drainage products.
     American Excelsior  has thrived as a leader in the packaging, erosion control, cushioning and excelsior wood fiber industries. With 17 locations and multiple manufacturing plants, American Excelsior offers complete lines of packaging, cushioning, erosion control, evaporative cooling and other specialty product lines to serve a variety of industries.
     With the use of Belton Industries fabrics, soil erosion can be brought to a standstill. In applications such as reseeding, embankment stabilization and coastline reinforcement, Belton's proven and tested materials have become an integral part of soil projects all around the globe. Belton provides fabrics that work both in the long term and the short term. Whatever the demands of the project, we have a fabric that will meet your needs.
     Central Fiber SprayMatt  provides a natural environment that allows seed to germinate quickly, even in arid climates. Seed and fertilizer may be added to the slurry for true "One Step Erosion Control".
     Construction Fabrics & Materials Corporation (CFM)  has been a material supplier in the Midwest United States since the early 1980's. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most cost effective and innovative solutions.
     Conwed, works closely with the manufacturers of hundreds of erosion control (EC) devices ranging from wattles, EC Blankets, and Loose Net technology making your environment a cleaner and more beautiful place to live. In addition to large road construction and containment projects, Conwed Plastics EC Netting is used in environmental reclamation and restoration projects to reinforce and prolong the effectiveness of other erosion control materials. As an active member in the Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC) and the International Erosion Control Association (IECA), Conwed Plastics stays abreast of upcoming industry technology and regulation. As a manufacturer, we then work closely with the erosion control industry to jointly design innovative products that preserve and restore the natural environment while exceeding their net needs.
     To protect the environment effectively and economically, use Dirtbags® whenever accumulated water must be pumped. Dirtbags filter water before it is discharged, removing silt and sediment. As more and more emphasis is put on saving our wetlands, regulations are becming more and more stringent regarding the pumping of didty water.
     Scientists from San Diego State University's Soil Erosion Research Laboratory conducted in-depth testing on Earth Savers Rice Straw Wattles and found that they dramatically reduced downslope sediment delivery — by 58 percent for the 9" diameter wattles, and by 74 percent for the new 20" wattles. In fact, the 20" wattle has proved to reduce sediment delivery by 84 percent after three consecutive rainfall events. The laboratory's Rainfall Simulator Testing also demonstrated that Earth Saver wattles reduce runoff water velocities and release water at a steady rate. Wherever bare soil is exposed to erosion by wind or water, Earth Saver Rice Straw Wattles can be an important part of a comprehensive Best Management Practice system for soil stabilization, sediment retention and vegetation establishment.
     Products designed to break new ground and meet the most unique customer specifications. Based on polymer technology, these products are used all over the world for erosion control, subsurface drainage, building and construction, waste containment and soil improvement. Our market-leading family of products include: Enkamat :, Enkadrain, Enkasonic, Enkatherm, Enkadri & Drain, Colbonddrain, and Enkagrid. Enka-Engineered products are synonymous with excellent quality and proven performance.
     Erosion Control Systems' specific guidelines have been established to ensure proper installation of erosion control blankets and turf reinforcement mats. A few basic steps to always follow with blanket and mat installations: to view !
     Fabrics and Fibers has a broad spectrum of nonwoven and woven geotextiles specifically designed for erosion control applications. Our ProPex product line enables you to choose a geotextile that precisely meets your project conditions and the AASHTO M 288-00 specification. Because the product you need will vary with construction conditions, your local distributor or Fabrics and Fibers technical engineers can assist you in selecting the Propex geotextile that is appropriate for your job.
     FlexMac® is a multi-cellular structure made of panels of double-twist, hexagonal mesh, reinforced with vertical steel bars and internally lined with geotextile. All panels are linked to each other using spiral wires, to guarantee flexibility. FlexMac® can be installed in minutes and requires no additional assembly or connections. FlexMac® can be filled with any available on site soil thus allowing for the use of available equipment (i.e. backhoe, frontloader, etc.).
     Count on Fuquay , Inc. for installation and service.  With more than a decade of experience in erosion control and environmentally responsible development, our installation crews have accomplished a wide range of tasks.
     Controlling soil erosion and managing water are the most critical factors for successfully growing grass. Futerra ® Erosion Control / Vegetation Blankets have revolutionized the way the industry tackles these challenges by offering the highest cover factor (.012) which minimizes soil and seed washouts, especially on hills and slopes. Unparalleled in performance, ease, cost of installation and aesthetic appeal, you’ll find nothing outperforms Futerra. From construction and highway projects to residential lawns and golf courses, Futerra’s erosion control characteristics and reliability for growing grass are unsurpassed.
     Geotextiles have replaced graded granular filters used beneath riprap or other armor materials. Typical applications include drainage channels, shorelines, river, coastal protection, canals, and bridge and pier scour protection systems. The effective control of destructive erosion in shorelines, riverbanks, drainage ditchres, and canals has always posed a difficult problem. This stems from the need for a robust outer protective layer to absorb the energy of wave or current, and an inner protective layer, traditionally in the form of an aggregate filter to prevent erosion of the bank soil. This inner layer has a particularly difficult role to play, since it must fill the often conflicting requirements of being fine enough to act as a bank soil filter, yet coarse enough to prevent the generation of high differential pressure between the bank and external water levels. These problems are overcome with properly designed Geotextile filter fabric installed to cover the exposed surface of the bank. The selection of geotextiles used in shoreline erosion control requires consideration of filtration mechanisms, installation stresses, and long-term durability requirements. Filtration mechanisms will rely on the gradation of the soil, pore size characteristics of the geotextile, and water flow conditions. While design criteria have been well established for geotextile filters, the special nature of erosion control applications must be carefully considered in selecting the most appropriate geotextile for the specific site conditions. The design relations are complicated by the reversing flow conditions that exist in coastal erosion control applications.
     Grass Mulch is a natural grass straw fiber mulch, produced byGrass Fiber, Inc. @ (541) 998-3261 using clean grass seed straw from certified grass seed fields. Grass Mulch is disc refined and heat processed in such a manner to contain no growth or germinating factors. Grass Mulch disperses rapidly in water and remains in unform suspension under agitation. It blends with seed, fertilizer and other approved and specified materials to form a homogeneous slurry. When applied by hydraulic means to ground surfaces the fibers will physicaly intertwine to form a strong moisture holding mat that will assist soil erosion control and provide percolation as well as favorable micro-climate conditions to aid seed germination and growth. The fibers are clored green with a water soluble non-toxic dye to assist the operator in applying Grass Mulchuniformly. The dye will not stain concrete, asphalt, masonry or painted surfaces. The Turf Mulchis commonly used in a dry roll on application as a top dressing for newly seeded lawns.
     Manufacturing quality erosion control products is Greenfix America's main focus. Their products are designed to meet a complex variety of erosion control and vegetation problems. For slope protection, channel lining, reclamation, turf reinforcement and specialized landscaping, Greenfix America has a product that provides the solutions. Optimum performance of all Greenfix America blankets can be expected when installed according to recommended specifications.
     Green Terramesh® units consist of panels of double-twist, hexagonal mesh of soft annealed, heavily zinc coated wire. In order to guarantee the design life required for these applications, the wire is additionally coated with a continuous PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sleeve. Green Terramesh® is a soil reinforcement system used to stabilize soil embankments, slopes and walls. Green Terramesh® units are provided with an erosion control mat behind the mesh on the exposed face to retain the soil fines. An additional wire mesh panel and two triangular steel brackets assembled during manufacturing increase the strength and enable easier installation. Terramesh® System units consist of panels of double-twist, hexagonal mesh of soft annealed, heavily zinc coated wire. In order to guarantee the design life required for these applications, the wire is additionally coated with a continuous PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sleeve.  In order to provide the best and most economical solution for any type of erosion control problem, you need to know all the options you have available in order to make the right choice.
      At Maccaferri-USA, we offer a variety of erosion control products that allow the engineer to choose the right type of protection needed for each specific situation.
     MCCA,Inc designs and installs pervious pavers, geotextile fabric, and bio-blankets and wattle for erosion prevention and reclamation.
     Mirafi's  Geosynthetics provide engineers with ways to increase the long term durability of completed projects. This longevity benefits the communities and industries that put geosynthetic materials to use. By the diminished frequency of maintenance and repair, time, money and labor are conserved. The design life of pavement surfaces are also increased and the erosion of valuable land can be halted with one project, without the need for repeated implementation.
     New York State Division of Environmental Permits Coastal Erosion Control Permit Program
     Nilex has assembled a group of products and technologies that has elevated erosion control to new levels of design and execution. These products replace or complement scarce and difficult to locate natural materials, while providing the advantages of engineered properties, consistent availability, and simple installation. Nilex erosion control products include natural straw and coconut blankets, jute products, synthetic blankets, channel linings, gabion systems, concrete revetments, and cellular confinement. is a sales, marketing, contracting, a of Environmental Permits Coastal Erosion Control Permit Program
     North American Green's temporary erosion control blankets are ideal for protecting and revegetating slopes and drainage swales from 2 months to 36 months. Depending on your erosion control needs these blankets are available with either photodegradable synthetic or 100% biodegradable “leno” woven jute netting and your choice of straw, straw/coconut, or coconut fibers. While all North American Green erosion control blankets provide exceptional erosion control, our 100% biodegradable blankets utilize jute netting that absorbs water, allowing them to contour to the soil surface for increased erosion control capabilities.  For tougher applications, we offer the Vmax3 Series of permanent composite turf reinforcement mattings, and the P300 permanent turf reinforcement mat. These products can extend the erosion resistance of vegetation up to that of 30-inch rock riprap… allowing employment of vegetation on severe slopes with heavy runoff, channels experiencing critical high shear stress flows, and shorelines. An important new product in our industry-leading erosion and sediment control line is the SedimentSTOP™ Biodegradable Filtration System. Designed for use in disturbed sites with unprotected topsoil, particularly sloping areas, SedimentSTOP is a lightweight, easy to handle product that filters sediment from stormwater runoff, providing superior sediment protection for a wide variety of applications.
     For retaining walls and steepened slopes to maximize useable construction spaces, road widenings, building sites, storage yards, steepened landfill slopes, landslide repairs, etc. Geotextiles are also used to reinforce embankments and foundations over soft soils.
     Sunshine Supplies, Inc.,  The only company in Alabama dedicated solely to the sale of erosion control materials. Please feel free to explore our site and contact us for more information.
     Today's challenges in civil and environmental construction often exceed the capabilities of traditional techniques. SI® Geosolutions provides the latest and most innovative solutions in the construction and civil engineering industry. SI Geosolutions' Earthscape® materials offer landscaping contractors a complete system of landscaping fabrics including the entire Geotex® and Landlok® families of soil stabilization and erosion control products.
    Our products have been proven as cost-effective in the transportation, waste containment, watershed management and site development markets, including:
  • Paved roadways and shoulders
  • Unpaved and haul roads
  • Storm water removal and erosion protection
  • Wetlands
  • Grade change structures
  • Construction perimeter sediment control
  • Landfill lining systems
  • Dredged material management
  •  RoLanka's environmentally friendly erosion control, sediment control, soil bioengineering, landscaping and gardening products to balance healthy, sustainable environment and increasing construction needs. The natural by-product, coir (coconut fiber), is the base for most RoLanka Products.
     Silt Saver is a revolutionary product for sedimentation control!
     We are a wholesale company providing wildflower, grass and California native plant Seeds for Reclamation, Erosion Control and Landscape projects. Site specific or regional mixes are available. Our professional staff is able to work with you in order to provide the best possible seed mix for your site
     In a Slope Stabilization application, for any given soil at a certain moisture content, there is an angle beyond which the soil will not stand without some kind of support. Whenever the steepness of the slope exceeds this failure angle, gravitational forces act on the soil mass to create shear stresses causing the slope to fail through sliding or sloughing off. The process ends when a new equilibrium is achieved at an angle less steep than the initial one. In many situations, it is desirable to have a slope steeper than the shear strength which the soil will allow. One method employed to achieve this objective to provide reinforcement at specified increments back into the slope. The resulting reinforcement increases the effective failure angle, preserving the stability of the slope.
     Straw Wattles are an economical and efficient Best Management Practice for: Stormwater Pollution Control on all Construction Projects, Fire Burn Rehabilitation, Timber Harvest Erosion Control, Revegetation Projects, Streambank Restoration, Mine and Land Reclamation, Vineyard Management, Ski Slope Maintenance, and anywhere Erosion and Sediment Protection is required. Click on any of these uses to learn the full story!  Straw Wattles prevent erosion by reducing slope lengths and slowing and spreading water flow.  Straw Wattles diminish storm water runoff pollution by capturing sediment.  Straw Wattles enhance revegetation of slopes denuded by fires and timber harvest.  Straw Wattles are used by the Federal Highway Administration, National Forests, State Highway Departments, State Park & Recreation Departments, CA Dept. of Conservation-Division of Mines and Geology, Resource Conservation Districts, and City & County governments.  Straw Wattles last 3 to 5 years and can be left in place. They replace silt fences, straw bales, earth berms, willow wattles, sandbags, and earth water-bars. Used with tacked straw they are an efficient and cost effective replacement for erosion control blankets. Straw Wattles reduce sheet erosion and prevent rill and gully development. Straw Wattles impede sediment transport into waterways.
     Sunmark Seeds Restoration & Erosion Control Seed Mixes
     SuperGro is used when vegetative growth is all that is required for erosion control. SuperGro is a fibrous matrix blanket that control soil sediment runoff while helping to establish vegetative growth.
     The SureTurf ® system is a family of lightweight, cost effective, easy to install products for establishment of new turf on any site including athletic fields, golf courses, lawns, rights-of-way, shorelines and many other traditional and challenging turf projects. The system's optimized features include:
    • Custom Seeding Rates with Top Seed Varieties
    • Immediate and lasting Erosion Control
    • Ease of Use - No special equipment or training
    • Reliability and Fast Germination
    • Biodegradability
    • Compatibility with other Erosion Control measures
    • Cost Effectiveness

     TerraGuard  "Providing Maximum Erosion Protection through Vegetation Establishment"
     Retaining walls are structures built for the purpose of stabilizing very steep slopes using minimal land area. A common example is to infill the side of a hill to build or widen a road. The slope created is so steep as to be unstable and requires a retaining wall to prevent slope failure retaining walls.  There are two basic types of retaining walls: A CANTILEVER retaining wall is usually made of reinforced concrete and acts as a structural member. A GRAVITY retaining wall has a vertical or near vertical face and its ability to retain soil behind it depends upon gravity (its own weight). This type of wall is usually composed of unreinforced concrete or soil. If made of soil, the wall generally consists of a facia and one or more layers of reinforcing members extending from the facia back into the soil mass.  The functions of the facia  are to prevent soil from sloughing off the surface of the wall and to prevent erosion of the face of the wall.  The function of the reinforcing member (TerraGrid) is to increase the "effective" thickness of the wall which increases its stability.  The wall itself must be built to withstand pressures applied by the retained soil. This force, "lateral earth pressure', is dependent upon several parameters, including the geometry of the wall and the characteristics of the retained soil, such as its unit weight and angle of internal friction. In designing a retaining wall, it is necessary to consider potential forces that could cause wall failure and compare them to the stability calculations of the proposed wall, taking into account generally accepted safety factors.  TerraJute is a light-weight woven polypropylene fabric designed to control erosion during vegetation establishment. It covers sees and soil-protecting against wind and rain while allowing the passage of moisture and sunlight. As new vegetation grows, TerraJute slowly degrades from exposure to sunlight".  TerraGuard turf reinforcement mats are an aesthetically pleasing, alternative to rigid systems such as concrete or riprap. TerraGuard is a permanent erosion control product comprised of polypropylene fibers sewn between two nets."  TerraTex GS, HD and GS-150 are rugged woven fabrics used to stabilize very poor to moderate strength soils by seperating subgrade and aggregate layers." TerraCell is a cellular confinement system providing innovative solutions for ground stabilization, slope protection, erosion control and retaining walls. It is constructed of high-density polyethylene strips ultra-sonically bonded together to form a high-strength network of cells. These cells confine and reinforce all types of fill material. The TerraCell system can often replace expensive or elaborate construction methods. TerraCell is available in various heights in standard or large cell configurations." TerraTex woven and nonwoven fabrics are effective in many geotechnical and related applications:"TerraTex EP, NOL.N08 - Embankment protection" ; "TerraTex Nb, N12, N16 - Geomembrane underliner" ; "TerraTex PU1.5, LBF- Leach field Protection, pipe wrap" ; "TerraTex OL- Asphalt overlay" ; "TerraTop WC- Weed control" ; "TerraTex SC and SC-90- Sedmentation control"; "TerraTex HPG-50,55,57- High Performance geotextiles" TerraGrid geogrids are useful in many applications. High-strength, high-tenacity polyester yarns are woven and coated in a polyvinyl chloride paste. They are inert to biological degradation and naturally encountered chemicals, alkalies, and acids.
     Terra Nova is dedicated to helping the Storm Water and Erosion Control industry comply with strict Federal Clean Water Regulations. We provide cost-effective Best Management Practice solutions that more and more erosion control and storm water specialists are turning to.
    Our engineers and chemists pride themselves by maintaining a hands on approach to solving site-specific problems. We have developed product lines for erosion control and storm water run-off with the end user in mind. All of our products are highly effective, extremely affordable, and environmentally friendly.
     Reno Mattresses consist of rectangular units, fabricated from a double-twist, hexagonal mesh of soft annealed, heavily zinc coated wire.   Filled with stone, Reno mattresses are flexible and permeable elements from which a broad range of structures may be built (river bank protections, channel linings, etc.).  Terramesh® System is a soil reinforcement system used to stabilize soil embankments, slopes, and walls. Rolls of double-twist, hexagonal mesh are often used to prevent rock and debris from falling onto roads and railways.   Hexagonal wire mesh has long service life and high strength to meet the strict requirements for this type of work. The double twist weave is strong enough to withstand the force of falling rock and, unlike chain link mesh, will not unravel should some of the wires break. The rolls or panels also feature a selvedge wire of larger diameter than that used for manufacturing the mesh.
     Since 1987, Verdyol of the USA & Verdyol of Ontario,Canada have manufactured erosion control blankets made of wheat straw: VERDYOL® ERO-MAT and of hardwood: VERDYOL® EXCELSIOR, both available in Standard and High Velocity, depending on durability needed. We also offer products for hydraulic mulching: VERDYOL® MULCH and VERDYOL® SUPERTACK.
     Woven Coir Fibre Geotextiles are made to matrix by running the yarns in warp and weft direction forming open mesh matrix. The open area will vary according to the number of  warp and weft yarn running in a specified area. The woven erosion control mats can be made out of either coconut coir yarn or high tensile bristle machine spun coir twine. The characteristics of these two grades of  geotextiles are as follows:- high wet tensile strength and functional longevity of 2-4 years combined with heavier weight is suitable for use in steep slopes and in channels with high flow velocities and high shear stresses.  Coir Twine Geotextiles -due to its high tensile strength and functional longevity of 5-7 years, these mats can be used in very steep slopes and in channels and ditches with shear stresses up to 5  lbs./sq. ft(240n/m2). This type of blanket, which is referred to as turf reinforcement mat (trm), is an ideal substitute for 100% synthetic blankets.

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